Jeremy Goldstein on Correct Incentives for Employees

Jeremy Goldstein is a beneficial aid in the finance field. Having been in business for decades, he has amassed a treasure trove of knowledge and experience and has been helping others through his many published articles and blog.



Up to date, Jeremy Goldstein is a Partner at a rising corporation called Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates LLC. He is also working as an attorney and has had years of practice in that line of work, mostly amassed in the city of New York. Over the curse of his career, he has worked at large firms such as Verizon, the Bank of America, Sachs, and more. Jeremy Goldstein provides several types of services in both law and finance.



Jeremy Goldstein recently provided insight on the factors that go into creating a beneficial economic environment in the corporate place as well as the incentive for employees to pursue higher productivity rates. When addressing those factors, often thing s get taken to court turning the discussion into a battleground. It is without a doubt that incentives are essential and that the performance needs to be paid appropriately. There are several things Jeremy Goldstein point out in that regard.



Starting with Earnings per Share, or EPS for short, they are widely viewed in a positive light. For shareholders, the stock prices are greatly influenced by the EPS, and it prompts them to buy and sell. It also incentivizes the companies to increase the payment of their employees. At the same time, EPS can also be used to leverage it as an advantage unfairly because shares and trading have a competitive nature.



Next up are the performance-based pay programs which are widely viewed as unreliable and are criticised for it. Experts believe that companies are hurting themselves by focusing too strictly on short-term goals such as making employees think about their next payment instead of providing them with long-term incentives and higher security at their work.



Jeremy Goldstein advises companies to look at their personal situation and compromise regarding the incentives they provide to their employees. If companies insist on keeping the pay per performance than they need to create strict measuring scales so that the payment is fair.



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The Rare McLaren Makes an Appearance at the US Money Reserve Sponsored Auction

The rare McLaren P1 GTR is a car collectors dream. An article on stated that the US Money Reserve Auction would be a sponsor for the Barett-Jackson Annual Scottsdale Auction which would feature the rare car. They estimated the auction would have over two hundred thousand people in attendance.

Some of the features of the McLaren P1 GTR include a top speed of 225 mph, a zero to two-point four-second acceleration, and this one only has six hundred and five miles on it. It’s just one of many hard to get, one of a kind cars that will be there. Read more: US Money Reserve – Blog and US Money Reserve | Facebook

They are building up their inventory at the auction house so when you come you’re emersed in car culture and among people who share your enthusiasm.

The Barrett-Jackson Auction company in Scottsdale, Arizona was founded in 1971. It has a wide range producing automobilia auctions in Palm Beach, Florida, Las Vegas, Nevada, and other cities besides their headquarters in Scottsdale. It’s known as the leader in collector car events. The 47th auction was broadcast live to over one hundred countries. People could tune in and see the auction in real time.

The CEO of the auction, Craig Jackson, stated they want to create more than just an auction. They want the event to be a celebration of car enthusiasts and collectors from all over. Read more: US Money Reserve President Philip Diehl Named Chairman of the Industry Council for Tangible Assets | PRNewswire and US Money Reserve | Bizjournals

That’s why over the years they’ve built up the exhibits and events that can be enjoyed by anyone in attendance. They’ve set the event up to be enjoyable to all levels of car collectors and the people they bring with them. Even younger attendees can enjoy the events and exhibits the auction provides.

The sponsor, the US Reserve is one of the biggest distributors of gold, silver, and platinum in the US. It is a private distributor and issues government tender.

People all over the US invest in precious metals to help them plan for retirement or larger purchases later in life. The people who work at the US Money Reserve are known for providing great customer service and have the market knowledge needed to help them make good decisions.

How Mathematician Michael Lacey has Inspired Students

Michael Lacey is a well-known mathematician who has won many awards especially in Mathematics. He has been able to mentor many people and has a wide experience in this field. His experience has enabled him to serve various institutions and mentor the development of many great minds in learning institutions.

In the year 2012, he joined Journal of Geometric Analysis and Harmonic Analysis as a member of the editorial board where he edits the proceedings of American Mathematical Society.

Lacey has also been delivering plenary talks and lectures on various platforms at different institutions all over the world such as Trinity University, Yale University, Lund University and many more.

Michael’s Academic Background

Michael was in a position to study in the most prestigious Universities in the world and acquire numerous degrees in Mathematics.

He graduated in the year 1981 from the University of Texas with a Bachelor of Science degree in the field of Mathematics. He also furthered his education in Mathematics from the University of Illinois where he received a PhD in the year 1987.

His hard work and scholarly endeavors have helped him win several awards from many learning institutions and organizations. While working in the University of Indiana, he received an award in Postdoctoral from National Science Foundation. Read more: Michael Lacey |Math Alliance and Michael Lacey | Wikipedia

He also won a prize with Christoph Thiele after they solved Hilbert transform. He has been a great inspiration to students not only from his Institution but in the whole world. Since 1996, Michael has been carrying out research and different organizations have awarded him.

His Awards and Career Background

Michael has served different learning institutions as a professor in Mathematics. He served as a professor in Indiana University from 1989 to 1996 and has now been working full time in Georgia Institute of Technology as a mathematics professor.

Apart from winning Salem Prize, Lacey has been an outstanding mentor for many undergraduates in Georgia Institute of Technology.

Having many students benefit from his labors, Michael received the Georgia Tech NSF award in the year 2012. His determination and hard work has been an inspiration for many students who are willing to study mathematics.

Learn more about Michael Lacey:

Gregory James Aziz Builds National Steel Car

National Steel Car is the Canadian based rail company that is led by the Chief Executive Officer known as Gregory James Aziz. During his time with the company, he has served as their chairman of the board and also as a liaison to the National Industries.


Greg James Aziz was born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario. He was so in love with this place that when he became the CEO of National Steel Car, he moved their headquarters the city.


Greg Aziz prepared for his day as a CEO by gaining a degree in economics from Western University in Canada. The lessons he learned have been put to good use which is why National Steel Car recently was able to celebrate its Centennial year in business.

Gregory James Aziz began by helping National Steel Car see the need to innovate. While their past achievements got them further than most companies, they could not guarantee to see them fully into the future. If National Steel Car were to continue dominating the scene, they would need to challenge themselves to grow. It was up to them to raise the standard in the railway industry.

Gregory James Aziz began working with executives and management to create a process of efficiency that National Steel Car had never known. Through Greg Aziz’s persistent pursuit to excellence, National Steel Car was able to create custom rail cars faster and with more reliability than any of their competitors. This is why National Steel Car continues to be Canada’s and America’s top choice in the railway manufacturing. The company received TTX SECO award for quality, for over a decade.


When National Steel Car celebrated its Centennial year in business, Greg Aziz took the time necessary to thank the various people who have made National Steel Car the success that it is. He, of course, began by thanking the loyal customers who have consistently given them support over the years. He thanked the suppliers, some of whom have been with National Steel Car since the day it was founded. Lastly, he took the time to praise his workforce for dedicating their hours and years to making National Steel Car the most prominent business in the railway sector. Click Here for additional information.


Gregory James Aziz is not only known for making National Steel Car more efficient, he is also known for helping it become friendlier to the environment. He was one of the leading corporate officials who helped the Parliament of Canada pass regulations.


More on:

National Steel Car: Producing Rolling Stocks for Canadians

National Steel Car makes a return after facing challenges for more than a century. Ever since the company was purchased by Gregory James Aziz in 1994, the National Steel Car started to grow and expand. It was Gregory J Aziz who is considered as the lucky charm for the company to be able to get back on track, but for him, it is hard work and perseverance that could return a company to its previous state. He showed how the National Steel Car became one of Canada’s most profitable companies, and how they managed to beat all of the odds which they faced in the last century.




According to Gregory James Aziz, after he bought the National Steel Car from Dofasco in 1994, he soon found out that there are around 500 employees left who are uncertain of their future. Because of the change in management, they are already accepting their fate that they would have to leave the company. However, he did not see it that way. He asked the employees to stay and continue what they are doing. He knew that they have the skills and the expertise to build high quality rolling stocks, so he decided to keep them because they have already become an asset to the company.



Gregory James Aziz added that he had to employ an additional 2,500 people, making the total population of the National Steel Car to more than 3,000. The rise in the number of workers would also result in the rise of their production number. When Gregory James Aziz purchased the National Steel Car, they can only make 3,000 rolling stocks a year. When he took over as the leader of the company, they managed to create more than 12,500 rolling stocks a year. It was a good decision to retain the employees, according to Gregory James Aziz, and he keeps on thanking them for their hard work.



Because of the miracle that he brought upon the people working for the National Steel Car, he was provided with an award. Every time that he receives an award, he would be thanking the employees who are working hard to create more rolling stocks for the company. Today, the National Steel Car is known to be a leading supplier of train cars in the United States, and they are planning on expanding their business to include countries in Asia, Africa and Europe. Refer to This Article for more information.




The Scoop On Dick and Bestsy Devos

Recently, did an informative article about Dick and Betsy DeVos. Dick and Betsy DeVos are known to be a power couple. They both were able to inherit huge fortunes from their families, and they are using their good fortune to support funds that they are passionate about. Dick and Betsy DeVos are also two individuals who have had amazing lives; they spend their time helping others to thrive. The DeVos’ are both avid representatives and influencers to the Grand Old Party, and they donate heavily to the GOP’s funds and causes. The DeVos’ have had huge influence over several state laws that have to do with wages and education.


A Little Info About Dick DeVos

Dick DeVos is individual who is the son of the Amway cofounder Rick DeVos. Dick DeVos is a man who is well known in the aviation community, and he had the honor of being named to the Federal Aviation Administration Management Advisory Council. In his role, DeVos serves as the advisor to senior management when it comes to planning, spending, and regulatory issues. Dick DeVos has put great efforts into the renovation of the Grand Rapids airport. One of Amway corporate hangers is located in that very airport, and DeVos also has a huge collection of aircraft located there. Since he loves aviation, DeVos decided to launched a charter school called The West Michigan Aviation Academy in 2010.


More About The Power Couple

Betsy DeVos is currently serving as the US Education Secretary. She is an individual who has a passion for justice and education. Betsy DeVos has lobbied heavily for the expansion of charter schools around the United States because she feels like these schools give children an individualized education and a more structured class room.

Dick and Betsy DeVos started The DeVos Family Foundation in 1989. This is a foundation that gives money to arts, culture, health, human services, religion, education, and leadership programs. The DeVos Family Foundation has given away a whopping $138.7 million through their foundation.


The State That They Love

Dick and Betsy DeVos are from Grand Rapids Michigan, and they are huge donators to foundations, causes, and establishments in the area. They were able to donate over $12 million towards the construction of the Children’s Hospital in Michigan. The DeVos’ are individuals who have a passion for people, arts, education and politics. They work diligently in their efforts to support their causes, and they are champions when it comes to giving. Learn more:

Larkin and Lacey fighting for the rights of the Latino Community

Sheriff Joe Arpaio has become the most controversial man in law enforcement and in the fight against immigration reform. Joe Arpaio was eventually ousted from his position as Sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona. Arpaio gained recognition nationally and within the Republican Party.

Arpaio has been labeled a racist, bigot and a dirty politician. Sheriff Joe Arpaio welcomes this criticism with open arms. He later earned the moniker of “America’s Toughest Sheriff.” Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

He earned this title for his crack down on immigration in Arizona in ways that have been deemed illegal and unconstitutional. Doing his work, he’s been seen as someone who throws out the constitutional rights of those in the Latino community of Arizona.

After many years of his controversial actions, he was finally facing a civil trial, which focused on whether Sheriff Joe Arpaio could lawfully use racial profiling as a tool to identify and arrest residents of Arizona.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio publicly said that racial profiling was an effective way to prevent illegal immigration in the United States. Under Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s reign, anyone in Arizona could be arrested by law enforcement just for being suspected of being an illegal immigrant. This created a sense of fear among Arizona residents.

A federal judge finally ruled that Sheriff Joe Arpaio could not longer rely on racial profiling to detain suspected undocumented immigrants. Without skipping a beat, Sheriff Joe Arpaio announced that he would not be following this judicial order, because it did not explain how to do his job.

This decision later ended him back in court. Another federal judge asked why he felt that he was not subject to following the judicial order. Sheriff Joe Arpaio said that the order prevented him from doing the job he was elected to do. The judge did not buy his weak argument. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

The judge then sentenced Arpaio to prison. However, President Trump got involved and announced that he would be issuing a presidential pardon for Sheriff Joe Arpaio. This pardon negates the prison sentence, meaning he would not have to serve a single day in jail.

The Latino community was left questioning how someone such as Sheriff Joe Arpaio could get away for violating the constitutional rights.

This gained the attention of both Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey. They have also had encounters with Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Both Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey are journalists and have been following some of the most serious crimes committed by Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Arpaio got fed up and threw them in prison. They finally got released and filed suit against Maricopa County.

They both launched the Frontera Fund with the money they won from the civil suit. The foundation was built with the goal of defending Latino rights.

Both Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey have begun building up their fight for the Latino community. This latest chapter in Arpaio saga shows that more needs to be done by those who understand the immigrants are not the enemy, that Arpaio made them out to be.

Brazilian Butt Lift Dallas

The butt is one of the most prized possessions of a woman. Every woman wants to have firm, sexy buttocks. While some women are born with a good looking back side, not everyone is so lucky. Some women never grow a firm butt and others simply lose some height over the years. Either way, Brazilian Butt Lift Dallas will be a good choice for you. Brazilian Butt Lift is a little different than traditional butt procedures. Some procedures inject artificial fat or implants into your butt. While this may work for some, the thought of putting those things in your body can be unsettling. On the contrary, Brazilian Butt Lift uses a fat transfer process to shape and lift your butt. Liposuction involves removing and relocating fat throughout the body. In this case, fat is injected into the butt. Although liposuction has been done for years, this company has made the process smoother. Traditional liposuction results in the death of most of the fat cells that are removed. Brazilian Butt Lift Dallas uses a means of storing the cells differently which results in most of them living. Because the cells survive, the healing process becomes smoother and easier for patients. After getting this procedure, you will still need to take some time off. At least a week or so will need to consist of little to no physical activity. You will need to compress the area and let it heal gradually. You are not allowed to swim, bathe, or let the area come into contact with sunlight for a few weeks after the lift. Although this may seem like a hassle, it’s not that bad. The end result is a firm, sexy butt without unnatural materials in your body. Check out Brazilian Butt Lift Dallas for a sexier butt.


Sameer Jejurikar, The Compassionate Plastic Surgeon

Dallas is proud to have talented doctors such as Dr. Sameer Jejurikar. Jejurikar who works with various hotels in the Dallas area such as the Pine Creek medical Centre and Dallas medical Centre. Dr. Sameer Jejurikar specializes in plastic surgery and has touched the lives of many people. Jejurikar graduated from the University of Michigan Medical School with a medical degree. Sameer Jejurikar has practiced plastic surgery for almost twenty years. Many patients who have had the chance to interact with the good doctor describe Jejurikar as a compassionate doctor. In April 2013, the patients Choice announced that Jejurikar was among the physicians who won the coveted compassionate doctor certification.

About Sameer Jejurikar

The certification is important because it projects the feedback of over one million patients across the united states of America. Winning the certification indicate that Dr. Sameer Jejurikar has what it takes to be a doctor. Compassion is an important attribute that every doctor should have and the fact that Sameer won the prestigious certification indicates he has the heart of a doctor. Sameer Jejurikar’s articles published on the website of the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute demonstrate the doctor’s brilliance. The articles also demonstrate Jejurikar’s vast experience in safety measures during the plastic surgery. Sameer’s articles and reputation also indicate that he knows how to handle the thorny issue of the dreaded scars in the face or breasts, which are his specialties.

Jejurikar’s Commitment To Helping Others

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar shows a high level of commitment to his patients by incorporating the most innovative techniques to cater for their surgical needs. Dr. Jejurikar ensures that his patients achieve their various goals in through plastic surgery. Jejurikar is also caring and good-hearted which saw him engage in various missions to work and improve lives of the poor in the society. Jejurikar participates in annual trips to Bangladesh to help children from poor families in that region.


Diving into Waiakea Water

Ryan Emmons created the most economical water bottle company in the world. The company goes by the name of Waiakea Water. Everything about the company is ethical. Their product is amazingly clean and healthy. The company even takes part in charitable actions. They were founded in 2012 and have had amazing success during their short time in the industry. They have won a handful of awards, such as the Food and Beverage Innovation Award. The company has been featured on popular shows such as Good Morning America and even in magazines like Forbes. With all the buzz surrounding this company, consumers are left questioning exactly why Waiakea Water is so popular.
What is it that this company does that draws consumers to it? It all stems from the fact that the company is so environmentally friendly. Their water bottles are created using entirely post recycled plastic materials. What this means is that the company does not have to harm the environment by creating any more plastic. They use plastic from other products to make their bottles. The second aspect regarding their bottles that catches a lot of attention is the fact that they degrade much faster in the environment than most bottles do. Most water bottles take thousands of years to naturally break down. Waiakea water bottles take only 15 to do so. This is one of the most outstanding achievements ever made in the bottled water industry. Emmons hopes to see many water bottle companies implementing these technologies into their water bottles. The technology created by Waiakea Water results in water bottles being much less of a threat to the environment.

The water inside the Waiakea Water bottles is also very economical. It is completely unaltered. The water passes through thousands of feet of volcanic rock prior to being collected. It is very pure and also quite tasty. The pH levels are perfect for us to consume. Everyone who tries Waiakea Water loves it. Consumers value the fact that their water is so clean. No one wants to drink water that is altered and therefore loses all its benefits.