Hussain Sajwani: Building Success One Brick At A Time

The name Hussain Sajwani may not ring a bell to us regular folks, but he is by no means unknown. Before becoming the president of the United States, Mr. Donald Trump was doing business with the man. Mr. Sajwani built two of the Trump brand golf courses in Dubai with his company DAMAC. Trump International Golf Course Dubai opened back in February this year and the Trump World Golf Course is set to open in 2018.

Before becoming the businessman he is today, Hussain Sajwani worked as a contract manager for GASCO which is a subsidiary of the Abu Dhbai National Oil Company (ADNOC), and in 1982, Hussain started his own food catering service. Learn more about DAMAC owner:

He held contracts with the United States military and several other companies, but Hussain wanted to make billions and knew that catering would only draw in millions. Sajwani didn’t completely stray away from from food, however, the catering division of DAMAC manages more than 200 projects and serves over 150,00 meals in a broad variety of markets, such as, the Middle East, Africa, and the CIS.

In the 1990’s Hussain built a number of hotels, meeting the demands from a flood of people going to the United Arab Emirates to do business and trading. The success of the hotels lead to the opening of DAMAC in 2002. DAMAC is now the largest property management group in the Middle East.

DAMAC Properties launched its hospitality division, DAMAC Maison, in 2011 which will provide services to their guests in more than 15,000 luxury hotel rooms and apartments. This makes DAMAC one of the country’s largest hotel apartment developers.

Recently, Hussain Sajwani has donated over AED 2 million towards helping troubled youths. The AED 2 million is for clothing and shelter to the youths.

AccordIng to CNN, Sajwani Hussain feels as if the youth is the future, and it’s up to the adults to make sure they are provided for. The clothing campaign was launched in collaboration with the Emirates Red Crescent, a humanitarian organisation set up in 1983. The campaign raised a total of AED 120 million.

The Leadership Team At InnovaCare Health Makes All The Difference

The core values of InnovaCare Health say it all. The company is focused on providing quality medical care.

Hence InnovaCare Health is laying emphasis on employing only qualified professionals. This is required in order to help the company grow and make it sustainable.

Rick Shinto has ensured that the company pays a lot of emphasis on team work. His leadership puts a lot of emphasis on proper communication. He believes that good working relationships are the basis of any company. Such clear vision will ultimately bear the fruits of success for this company. No company can dream of flying so high in the health sector without the core value of transparency. The mission statement of InnovaCare has redefined healthcare in today’s environment.

Rick Shinto is considered to be an authority in this healthcare industry. He is the President of InnovaCare. He provides leadership as well as technical expertise here. This is due to the experience he has from the years that he has spent in operational as well as clinical healthcare.

He had worked for Aveta Inc. before he joined InnovaCare health. At that time he won the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the year award. This is an award that recognizes those individuals who are committed towards excellence.

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Rick Shinto started his career in Southern California as an intern. He has also served as Vice President with Medical Management. Then he became the Chief Medical Officer ar Cal Optima Health Plan in Orange County. Prior to this, Rick Shinto served as the Chief Medical and Operating Officer. This was for Medical Pathways Management Company. Another company where he worked was NAMM California. It is this experience in varied fields that is helping him to lead InnovaCare Health.

He is an expert in healthcare. He has written several works on clinical medicine. Rick Shinto got his MBA from the University of Redlands. His medical degree is from the State University of New York. He graduated with a B.S from the University of California.

The Chief Administrative Officer of this company is Penelope Kokkinides. Earlier she worked in this company as the COO. She was at Aveta Inc. earlier where she was the Chief Operations Officer as well as the Vice President of its Clinical Operations. She has an experience of over 20 years in healthcare and development of clinical programs. This is the leadership team that has changed the face of this company. Learn more about Rick Shinto on BusinessWire.Com

UKV PLC Provides An Intimate Experience For Wine Enthusiasts

UKV PLC consists of a team of consultants who are dedicated to providing the best products and services for fine wine to their customers. The wine selection from this independent wine company is segmented into the five following categories: Champagne, Burgundy, Italian, Spanish, and Bordeaux.

Since UKV PLC does not rely on just one single supplier for their wine products, they are able to utilize a network of wine brokers, traders. and merchants. This network allows UKV PLC to locate and obtain rare and specific types of wine upon request for their customers. UKV PLC also provides wine storage services through London City Bond (LCB). LCB is a renowned and leading private tax warehouse. For UK based clients, this storage service is especially helpful because there is no VAT or duty to be paid for this service. Wines stored through UKV PLC are kept in a climate controlled environment that is free of vibrations and sunlight in order to preserve the quality of the wine. Prospective clients, who live virtually anywhere, can connect with UKV PLC through their Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages. An abundance of helpful information regarding wine is shared with their audience through question and answering interactions, posts that contain little known facts, and more.

Purchasing wine from UKV PLC gives clients a more intimate experience than buying wine online or even with a local vendor who lacks knowledge and genuine concern. You can meet with a UKV PLC consultant face to face in the comfort of your own home or in a nearby office in order to discuss your wine needs and requests.

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Sawyer Howitt And His Present Goals And Future Potential

Sawyer Howitt is only seventeen and attends Lincoln High School in Oregon. He also enjoys working with his father David Howitt. He lends his talents as a project manager for the Meriwether Group.

David Howitt runs the Meriwether Group and they offer start ups for business managers and entrepreneurs. They offer the tools required for businesses to grow. The company is classified as an acceleration and advisory firm. This is where Sawyer Howitt has learned about brand development, acquisitions, distribution, mergers and licensing. Their approach is personal and designed to meet the needs of their clients.

Sawyer Howitt has already begun developing his career as an entrepreneur. His work with his father gives him the ability to provide an incredibly high standard of ethics in consulting and management. Their goal is to provide the help required for the entrepreneurs of the future.

Although they do not attend any services Sawyer Howitt grew up in a Jewish family. They do celebrate the most special of Jewish occasions. The services during the holidays are extremely important to the lifestyle they live. Every Friday the family lights candles for Shabbat. These candles recognize a day meant for rest inside of the Jewish community.

Sawyer Howitt has a sister three years younger than his seventeen years. She is already beginning to show the same promise her brother has found. The Meriwether Group is a family business and extremely important to every member of their family. Every day the company continues its growth.

Sawyer Howitt feels he has a long career ahead of him at the Meriwether Group and is looking forward to the future. Although his fathers shoes are going to be difficult to fill he realizes if he works hard he will reap the rewards. Howitt is becoming an entrepreneur who will most likely make positive differences in the future.

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Betsy Devos – Advocate for the Education of Latino Children

In the urban school setting, there is a sense of dread and an ominous almost pervasive sense of futility that education is the last thing on the mind of the students. It is surviving the rigors of an ever-present peer sub culture of sex, violence and drugs that makes ‘reading, writing, and arithmetic’, a mere dream. Many parents of Latino children find that in order to help their children to grow and learn an alternate choice to the public education system is an imperative. Betsy Devos is an advocate for alternatives and a staunch supporter of educational choice for any parent who wishes their children to be the very best they can be.

With the beginnings in the 1980s and the Potter’s House Christian School as a base Betsy Devos and her husband Dick began what has become a lifelong mission to allow parents to “have their kids in an environment that was safe, where they were learning, and where the atmosphere was just electric with curiosity, with love for one another.” Their philanthropic efforts began with a few scholarships at the school, but have grown over the years to a supportive effort at a much greater level. Read more news on Los Angeles Times.

Seeing that there was a greater need not only locally in the Michigan area Betsy Devos realized that a national effort was required and so spawned the American Federation for Children. A far reaching cohesive group funded by likeminded entrepreneurs to ensure that every child can be educated “regardless of their zip code.” It is clear that one of the greatest success stories is the state of Florida where the ‘Step Up’ program allows for the parents to choose where their children are educated. This state-run scholarship program is only one of the many diverse voucher systems that allow the Latino community to send their children to private Catholic Schools. In addition, with the support of two other school choice advocate governors; Louisiana and Indiana offer similar programs to their school age children. Check her website for more info at

Betsy Devos has been an advocate for education for many years and has been part of the political system in Michigan with her husband Dick. She has chaired many committees and overseen numerous political action groups, but none more rewarding than being named Secretary of Education by the now President Donald Trump. It is from this appointment that the dream of Betsy Devos, “That all parents, regardless of their zip code, have had the opportunity to choose the best educational setting for their children. And that all students have had the opportunity to fulfill their God-given potential.” Betsy Devos is the essence of a true American and her love of her own children has been the catalyst for the education of the poor.

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Why George Soros Scares The Right

What 2016 Meant For Him

George Soros was deeply upset by the happenings in Europe and America. I Europe he placed strong bets against Brexit and ended up losing on those bets big time. in America he placed strong bets on the presidency of Hillary Clinton but those desires did come to fruition.

The Crisis In Europe

Europe has been facing a migrant crisis in recent years. Thanks to a number of wars in the middle east many people have been forced to look towards Europe for refuge. However, Europeans have not taken the migrant presence lightly and there are many who oppose the settlement of migrants. In order to improve relations between migrants and Europeans by funding programs that will allow migrants to start their own businesses and learn the languages of the countries they are currently residing in. The programs are still in their early stages but it seems as if they will likely succeed in improving relations. Learn more about his profile at

The Future Of The American Left

The election of Donald Trump is sending the Left into an existential crisis. Many people wonder what they should now do after seeing Trump succeed despite the abundant examples of offensive remarks from him. George Soros wants to do everything he can to protect the progressive legacy and keep Trump enacting his plans for America overall. He wants to first tackle what Trump intends to do in his first 100 days such as his stated opposition to illegal immigration. He has enlisted the backing of many on the Left in order to make sure he can complete his goals. Read this story at about George Soros.

The State Of Globalization

Globalization is arguably the most important issue in the eyes of George Soros. He wants to push for a world without borders where people are able to decide how they want to live their lives and improve the quality of life for everyone. So far, globalization has made the lives of so many people better by giving them a mean of gaining better income and a way out of the impoverished conditions they were previously trapped in. He understands how important this and will do anything he can to help give more people the opportunity to escape their conditions.

About George Soros

George Soros has spent decades as the head of the Quantum Fund. His experience over the years has allowed him to build one of the largest fortunes in the world and he has used that forutne to make himself a prominent support of the Left and of progressive policies. Beyond his work for the Left he has also made himself an advocate for open societies and free market economics.

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