UKV PLC Provides An Intimate Experience For Wine Enthusiasts

UKV PLC consists of a team of consultants who are dedicated to providing the best products and services for fine wine to their customers. The wine selection from this independent wine company is segmented into the five following categories: Champagne, Burgundy, Italian, Spanish, and Bordeaux.

Since UKV PLC does not rely on just one single supplier for their wine products, they are able to utilize a network of wine brokers, traders. and merchants. This network allows UKV PLC to locate and obtain rare and specific types of wine upon request for their customers. UKV PLC also provides wine storage services through London City Bond (LCB). LCB is a renowned and leading private tax warehouse. For UK based clients, this storage service is especially helpful because there is no VAT or duty to be paid for this service. Wines stored through UKV PLC are kept in a climate controlled environment that is free of vibrations and sunlight in order to preserve the quality of the wine. Prospective clients, who live virtually anywhere, can connect with UKV PLC through their Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages. An abundance of helpful information regarding wine is shared with their audience through question and answering interactions, posts that contain little known facts, and more.

Purchasing wine from UKV PLC gives clients a more intimate experience than buying wine online or even with a local vendor who lacks knowledge and genuine concern. You can meet with a UKV PLC consultant face to face in the comfort of your own home or in a nearby office in order to discuss your wine needs and requests.

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