Kim Dao’s Winter Morning Routine in Japan


In this video the Australian vlogger Kim Dao talks about her winter morning routine in Japan. Her routine starts with waking up, a difficult processes involving up to ten alarms. Once awake Kim plays on her phone and then checks her social media accounts for about 30 minutes. Once Kim Dao is up she has coffee and breakfast, today Kim drank sweet coffee and had microwaved oats in water with some honey. After breakfast she brushes her teeth and washes her face. Once her face is clean, Kim does her skin care routine where she uses essence, toner, essence, emulsion and moisturizer in that order. Kim says that this routine doesn’t work for everyone but it works well for her. She then puts on her makeup starting with primer. Afterwards she uses her Hera cushion followed by concealer and then she sets her makeup with her favorite powder, Skin food Peach Sake. Kim then fills in her eyebrows and primes her eyes with eyelid primer. Finishing off her eyes she uses her Too Faced Chocolate Bar to easily create a slightly smokey effect around her eyes followed by winged eyeliner and using an eyelash curler. Kim then puts on mascara and blush, she contours and highlights her face and ends her makeup routine with lip gloss. After her makeup routine she puts on a casual outfit consisting of jeans, a top and a jacket( She puts hair oil in her hair to keep it moisturized when she is out. The last thing she does is lightly pack her bag with her train pass and then Kim is off to Shibuya.Learn more :¬†