Avi Weisfogel’s Success in the Healthcare Industry

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a distinguished doctor, a specialist who invented a program that is meant to help dentist give the most efficient solutions to their patients. He attained his Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and Psychology at the Rutgers University. He also pursued a course in Doctor of Dental Surgery at New York University.

Dr. Weisfogel is a dentist based out of New Jersey. He owns a successful dentistry practice which he started while he was still young in his career. According to him, if a dentist gives the best to his or her patients, they will be pleased and therefore would refer their friends to experience the excellent service provided. This is what mainly contributed to his success.

Dr. Weisfogel later decided to leave dentist field to focus on how to solve sleeping disorders. According to Weisfogel, people may not realize that they have a sleeping disorder. There are symptoms that she talks about concerning the sleep apnea that most people may tend to think are normal. For instance, when people snore while asleep and make coughing and chocking sound. Weisfogel has treated many patients suffering from sleep apnea. This disorder is characterized by one having pauses while breathing and asleep.

Dentistry is far much to be compared with sleep disorders, but people would not believe that their problems in sleep disorders would be solved through dentistry. This is because dentist mainly will take care of dental problems. However, Dr. Avi is a dentist who gives the most effective treatment to sleep apnea.

Dr. Weisfogel despite being a dental specialist, he always had a vision that his dentistry knowledge could help him turn possibilities into reality. This made treatment of the sleep apnea become his primary mission.

His dental practice is called Old Bridge Dental Care. He won the award for being the best dentist twice. He also launched a Dental Sleep Masters program due to his passion for helping patients with sleep apnea. The primary purpose of the program is to help people relief from apnea. He is committed to her work; he says he usually gets to his office at around six am and prays for the first hour.