Stream Energy Builds Formidable Name Providing Connected Services

For well over a decade, Stream Energy has been providing power, internet connectivity and security solutions to homes in over eight states in the US. The company employs an innovative growth strategy. It uses direct selling to expand its footprint across the country. The firm recently appointed David Faranetta to the CFO position.

He is tasked with driving the growth strategy and strengthening functions such as financial reporting, risk management and compliance among others. A highly motivated business leader, Faranetta has extensive experience in the energy sector. He is adept at optimizing the workforce and the available resources to grow the business rapidly. He expressed excitement to be joining the team at Stream Energy. View the company profile on

The President of Stream Energy was at hand to welcome the new member to his executive team. Larry Mondry reiterated that Faranetta has a significant role to play in guiding the firm into the future. The company is looking to solidify its performance and expand its energy offerings into more states in the country. The Lehigh University graduate has previously worked for energy outfits such as Vistra, Luminant, and TXU Energy among others.

Stream Energy is privately-owned and based in Dallas, Texas. The direct selling strategy is a trust-based model. It drives service delivery and ensures stronger relationships with customers. It is differentiating the company from its competitors and driving rapid growth. Coupled with a high level of service delivery and customer care, the company is quickly becoming a household name in the country.


Additionally, the firm has positioned itself to provide a full range of connected lifestyle services. It has power plans based on renewable sources and continues to offer innovative solutions that mitigate against the devastating effects of climate change.

The marketing strategy attracts large numbers of bold entrepreneurs who make money by getting new customers or adding new members to the sales team. The firm has a lucrative commission’s schedule. Besides power, the other services are available across the country. Stream Energy cares about the environment and local communities. It has been at the forefront of supporting the recovery efforts of hurricane victims directly and through service discounts. Follow Stream Energy on Twitter.

Vijay Eswaran’s Advice To Students

The world is experiencing a surge of technological developments, and this has led to the modernization of jobs using artificial intelligence and robotics. All these are positive strides humanity is making but at a considerable price, which is the laying off of employees. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran: and

Currently, there is a sizable reduction of job opportunities globally and the perfect way to address it is instilling the job creation mentality to graduates other than having a generation of graduates who are job seekers.

These sentiments are shared by Vijay Eswaran and his counterpart Datuk Seri who is the current chairman of the QI group.

The technological boom that is being experienced across all sectors of the economy is leading to the automation of most jobs. Read more: 5 Cs of Servant Leadership by Vijay Eswaran and Two Minutes from the Abyss by Vijay Eswaran

Corporations know that unlike human workforce, robotics and artificial intelligence can work 24/7 all year round hence making them more productive than humans. Other than that robots unlike humans can be put into strenuous activities without having any rights being infringed on making them a more lucrative option for corporations.

The employment of these technologies is the primary driver of laying off of employees. The trend is also becoming unsustainable as the world’s population is increasing meaning that we will have generations of people who are unemployed, argued Vijay at a student forum that took place at the University of Malaysia.

Studies also show that students from Asian countries unlike from those in other regions of the world have a different take on employment as most of them prefer being self-employed. What this has led to, is the gravitating of these students to the creation of their enterprises which they use to in turn employ other individuals and colleagues as pointed out by Vijay.

When addressing the forum, Vijay stated that whenever considering an employment opportunity, students and first-time job seekers should only consider career paths that interest them, other than that, applying for jobs that meet your qualifications goes a long way in making sure you enjoy what you do. It is also advisable to opt for startups than more established institutions as they are fast paced and significantly rewarding when compared to working for corporates that have to follow a long chain of bureaucracy.

The Noteworty And Honorable Career Of Dr. Shafik Sachedina

Dr. Shafik Sachedina has had a lot of experience in the field of dental surgery, and is highly qualified as a dental surgeon. In 1975, he attended the Dental School at Guy’s Hospital at the University of London, and graduated with his qualifications.

He successfully practiced dentistry in England for numerous years. Currently, he serves the Sussex Health Care Company as a joint chairman. As a health care company, Sussex has dedicated themselves to providing support services and care to homes based out of South England’s Sussex County.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina was born in 1950 in Dar-es-Salaam Tanzania. Once he moved to England, he settled in and eventually became a British National. He has served numerous healthcare companies in different positions.

He serves the Department of Jamati Institutions in his position of Head, and is His Highness’s the Aga Khan’s Secretariat at Aiglemont in France. Shafik Sachedina has many important responsibilities including coordinating the programs and activities of the institutions in the Ismaili community. This encompasses 16 main areas where the institutions are located.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina additionally has the responsibility of interfacing with the Development Network for the Aga Khan. This involves the institutions and programs for Central Asia’s Ismaili communities. Dr. Shafik Sachedina has developed a lot of entrepreneurial interests throughout the sector for healthcare. The work he has done for the Jamati Institutions and the Aga Khan has all been accepted in a voluntary capacity. This was done to continue the community’s tradition of long-standing voluntary service.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina is one of the members of the Board of Governors for the Institute. He has additionally accepted the responsibility of several other positions concerning his work for the community and the Ismaili Imamat. This includes his becoming a member of the AKDN, or the Aga Khan Development Network.

This committee is based in Aiglemont. Dr. Shafik Sachedina also serves the Ismaili Leaders’ International Forum as a member, and the International Co-ordinating Committee for FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance as their Chairman. In the past, Dr. Shafik Sachedina has offered his voluntary assistance in the service of two consecutive terms for the United Kingdom as the Ismaili Council’s President.

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Jeremy Goldstein bringing good news to stock options

The economy continues to be unstable, leaving employees to reach the conclusion that they can no longer offer employees stock. Part of the reason is to cut costs. Stock options have been a sought after perk of business, but there lays three key problems that have encouraged employers to stop offering the stock options.


With stock options, the value is tied to the stock price, which is based on the value of the company. Therefore the price can drop at any time, causing serious problems. Despite all that, employers are required to report expenses and stockholders are faced with the possibility of stock option overhang. The other concern is that employees have concerns with stock options. Employees see stock options as gambling. Employers have found that options dont always have a financial advantage. Stock options have been known to create accounting burdens on the company.


While employers see stocks options as negatives, there are some positives to the stock options. Stock options are considered to be easy to understood by employees. Employees prefer stock over additional wages, equities and insurance. Since options are based off the company’s value, it gets employees to work at growing the company’s value through bringing in new customers.


Jeremy Goldstein is a corporate executive lawyer who is offering up knockout options to employers who are questioning offering stock options. Knockout options are pretty much the same as other options, however they don’t hurt the employees because if the stock value falls under a predetermined amount, the employees will just lose the stock. Goldstein’s idea provides employees with the drive to keep their company’s stock value rising.


Jeremy Goldstein is one of New York’s top corporate lawyers. He specializes in executive compensation and corporate governance. He has overseen several of the country’s corporate transactions including Verizon and AT&T merger.


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