Diving into Waiakea Water

Ryan Emmons created the most economical water bottle company in the world. The company goes by the name of Waiakea Water. Everything about the company is ethical. Their product is amazingly clean and healthy. The company even takes part in charitable actions. They were founded in 2012 and have had amazing success during their short time in the industry. They have won a handful of awards, such as the Food and Beverage Innovation Award. The company has been featured on popular shows such as Good Morning America and even in magazines like Forbes. With all the buzz surrounding this company, consumers are left questioning exactly why Waiakea Water is so popular.
What is it that this company does that draws consumers to it? It all stems from the fact that the company is so environmentally friendly. Their water bottles are created using entirely post recycled plastic materials. What this means is that the company does not have to harm the environment by creating any more plastic. They use plastic from other products to make their bottles. The second aspect regarding their bottles that catches a lot of attention is the fact that they degrade much faster in the environment than most bottles do. Most water bottles take thousands of years to naturally break down. Waiakea water bottles take only 15 to do so. This is one of the most outstanding achievements ever made in the bottled water industry. Emmons hopes to see many water bottle companies implementing these technologies into their water bottles. The technology created by Waiakea Water results in water bottles being much less of a threat to the environment.

The water inside the Waiakea Water bottles is also very economical. It is completely unaltered. The water passes through thousands of feet of volcanic rock prior to being collected. It is very pure and also quite tasty. The pH levels are perfect for us to consume. Everyone who tries Waiakea Water loves it. Consumers value the fact that their water is so clean. No one wants to drink water that is altered and therefore loses all its benefits.

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