Mike Baur – An Inspirational Leadership to Startups

Mike Baur, A Swiss businessman, and entrepreneur co-founded the Swiss Startup Factory. He started his banking career with the private banking giants in Switzerland including, UBS AG and Clariden Leu. Mike has an explicit career record of more than 20 years in Banking and Financial sector of Switzerland. He began his entrepreneurial career in 2014 at the age of 39 and went on to build the No.1 independent and privately financed Startup Accelerator in Switzerland. Mike was named deputy managing director of CTI Invest when Swiss Startup Factory got affiliated with CTI. Mike led the Swiss Startup Factory to new heights with its accelerator program with Goldbach Group in early 2016. Mike spends a lot of time in the Swiss youth entrepreneurship and funds several Swiss Startups both financially and as a mentor.



The Swiss Startup Factory under the guidance and supervision of Mike Baur has reached several heights in a quick time. Swiss Startup Factory provides a collaborative work environment that supports e-professionals in their individual and cooperative work. Baur has done many types of researches that involve focusing on organizational, technical, and social issues that relate to the growth and development of startup firms. Expert input sessions accelerated by Mike talks about various services and programs guaranteed for the incubated and ongoing startups. It also includes the sessions that give a clear idea of raising the fund for startups. Moreover, The Swiss Startup Factory itself act as a funding agency for the emerging and incubated startups.



Expert pitch training guided by Baur, offers the opportunity for startups and individuals to learn the art of pitching their innovative business ideas to a panel of stakeholders and experts. Mike Baur, heads a well-trained and self-motivated panel that leads the mentor sessions on various aspects of starting a business. Mike has a clear vision on molding best network of entrepreneurs and investors that give more emphasis on exchanging ideas between young and upcoming entrepreneurs, finding co-founders, connect with investors and get feedback, etc.



Mike’s idea of identifying barriers in growth across business sectors opened a window for growth acceleration that helps matured startups to achieve their goals. The digital business strategy designed by Mike with experts’ opinion helps to identify each company’s specific potential and to grab chances of its digital transition. The Swiss Startup Company’s vision and programs are well designed by Mike Baur, to create Global entrepreneurs, and it has disrupted all the prevailing standards and business models.

Be Proactive Not Reactive

According to an article, 95% of the companies and individuals that contact an online reputation management firm do so in reaction to some bad news that shows up on the front page of Google results when they search their names. The unfortunate thing is that the damage is already done by then. The more sound idea for people that are interested in making sure that their reputation is good enough to attract customers is to contact an online reputation management company to establish a reputation. When one gets in the habit of online reputation management, he could avoid any serious damages being done to his company.

Among the advantages of being proactive with Online Reputation Reviews management is that it helps build up the reputation of the company. That way, more people will come to the company and stay with it. One good thing online reputation management firms do is come up with a plan of attack so that they will be able to solidify a good reputation. Among the things that one could do to solidify a good reputation with a company is engage the community. When one does that, it allows the customer to feel valued. At the same time, they are less likely to buy any hype against the company they have a deeper relationship with. Therefore, any damages that could be done to a company by bad reviews are limited.

In order to become a successful business, one has to take the time to be social. If one is not willing to be social, then any success that he or his business gains will be limited. This is one of the reasons that it is important for businesses to interact. As a matter of fact, it is crucial for businesses to interact so that customers can know about it.