A Look at Monkey Capital Managing Partner, Daniel Mark Harrison

Daniel Mark Harrison has achieved a lot in his entire life as a cryptocurrency analyst. He has a wide range of knowledge in this sector, and his achievements and commitments have made him a great man he is today. Daniel hails from the United States of America, a country that is the leading regarding technology. He studied at the University of New York that is located in New York City. After school, he established a company called DMH&CO. It happens to be one of the best and successful companies around the globe. It has offices in other continents, including Asia. The company or rather the department aims at improving the financial status of Harrison’s family.

Daniel Mark Harrison is also the-the managing partner of the company that funds Blockchain. It is called Monkey Capital and happens to be a hedge fund firm that invests in SpaceX supplying contracts. It has also spent highly on blockchain systems that seems to have so many returns. It is, therefore, a massive company that has high-end operations, excellent management team and very competitive projects that aims at improving the livelihoods of its stakeholders. It has helped in the production of profitable etheriums which is a new currency that happens to be growing at a very high rate.

Investing with Blockchain according to Daniel Mark Harrison is the wisest thing ever. According to Chris Waltzek, a very famous American radio host, it happens to be a significant investment and is usually worth it. Daniel on the other hand representing the face of the company happens to be an influential person and very talented speaker. Blockchain according to Huffington post is worth multi-billion dollars. It is not doubted that the company is one of the most established cryptocurrency companies. He is also a great author and has written so many articles. He has been a very talented contributor and editor, and his articles have been published by some of the leading blogs around the globe. Daniel has become so famous because of his ability in writing quality and helpful content.

Mike Baur – An Inspirational Leadership to Startups

Mike Baur, A Swiss businessman, and entrepreneur co-founded the Swiss Startup Factory. He started his banking career with the private banking giants in Switzerland including, UBS AG and Clariden Leu. Mike has an explicit career record of more than 20 years in Banking and Financial sector of Switzerland. He began his entrepreneurial career in 2014 at the age of 39 and went on to build the No.1 independent and privately financed Startup Accelerator in Switzerland. Mike was named deputy managing director of CTI Invest when Swiss Startup Factory got affiliated with CTI. Mike led the Swiss Startup Factory to new heights with its accelerator program with Goldbach Group in early 2016. Mike spends a lot of time in the Swiss youth entrepreneurship and funds several Swiss Startups both financially and as a mentor.



The Swiss Startup Factory under the guidance and supervision of Mike Baur has reached several heights in a quick time. Swiss Startup Factory provides a collaborative work environment that supports e-professionals in their individual and cooperative work. Baur has done many types of researches that involve focusing on organizational, technical, and social issues that relate to the growth and development of startup firms. Expert input sessions accelerated by Mike talks about various services and programs guaranteed for the incubated and ongoing startups. It also includes the sessions that give a clear idea of raising the fund for startups. Moreover, The Swiss Startup Factory itself act as a funding agency for the emerging and incubated startups.



Expert pitch training guided by Baur, offers the opportunity for startups and individuals to learn the art of pitching their innovative business ideas to a panel of stakeholders and experts. Mike Baur, heads a well-trained and self-motivated panel that leads the mentor sessions on various aspects of starting a business. Mike has a clear vision on molding best network of entrepreneurs and investors that give more emphasis on exchanging ideas between young and upcoming entrepreneurs, finding co-founders, connect with investors and get feedback, etc.



Mike’s idea of identifying barriers in growth across business sectors opened a window for growth acceleration that helps matured startups to achieve their goals. The digital business strategy designed by Mike with experts’ opinion helps to identify each company’s specific potential and to grab chances of its digital transition. The Swiss Startup Company’s vision and programs are well designed by Mike Baur, to create Global entrepreneurs, and it has disrupted all the prevailing standards and business models.