Success Tips from Fabletics

Fitness enthusiasts understand that sports apparel is not just a name to define what you wear during sports or exercise. Rather, it defines comfort, quality and style of the outfit. And, these are the factors that keep you motivated to work out for long hours. Also, it saves you a lot of money in buying new outfits every now and then not to mention the ability to protect you from injuries. For these enthusiasts, companies such as Fabletics mean something.

Fabletics is a relatively young company that came into the industry in the year 2013. The company is owned by Kate Hudson, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler, all who are active in the day to day operations of the company. The company, in the year 2016, recorded a revenue excess of $250 million. Considering the low barriers to entry and the fact that prominent brands such as Amazon dominate the market. This is such a huge deal. Companies like Amazon are even beginning to feel threatened. But, for those that are still struggling in the industry and are wondering what they could do in order to increase their revenues, here are a few things that could be learnt from Fabletics.

Reverse Showrooming

Online stores are known to be cheaper than physical store. This is perhaps because they do not have many costs. Therefore, you will notice that more consumers like to buy online. So, they will go to offline store just to window shop and fit items. Then, they will go purchase the same items from online stores, which are cheaper. Fabletics realized this and started with online stores only. However, with time they have opened offline stores, for those customers who don’t trust their credit card information online.


Investing in advertising is the best thing that you can do for your business. Fabletics utilizes very practical advertisements. Kate Hudson is their main model and given the style and quality of their outfits, it is not hard to imagine that Hudson rocks these wears to the gym or for her yoga routine. Fabletics has invested a lot of money for both offline and digital marketing, improving brand awareness and increasing sales.


Fabletics has been a big hit because of the value of their products. Their two or three piece outfits go for about $49 to $110. Considering the high quality of these products, many find their outfits irresistible.

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Athleisure Brand Fabletics Stands Out Using the ‘Power of the Crowd’

Kate Hudson is best known for playing Penny Lane in the 2000 film Almost Famous. Now, the actress has confidently taken on a new role as a savvy businesswoman with her athleisure clothing brand Fabletics. The brand has grown immensely from its startup days in 2013 to a company worth $235 million today.


What’s the secret to Fabletic’s success? Hudson’s company recognizes just how influential customer reviews can be. The greater the number of positive reviews that a product or brand has, the higher their search ranking. Customers are also more likely to purchase a product after reading positive reviews. This establishes trust between customer and brand, which leads to more repeat purchases and returning customers.


At Fabletics, the customer is truly at the heart of their business model. Their distinctive Lifestyle Quiz helps you determine the perfect workout wear for the type of exercise you enjoy. The company gathers data on what products are getting the most buzz on social media and what’s getting purchased most frequently on the site. This allows Fabletics to be more streamlined and produce only what’s popular. Kate Hudson is incredibly involved in the process: with the support of Fabletics parent company TechStyle Fashion Group, she oversees everything from designing new products to reviewing sales numbers.


Another source of the brand’s appeal is the Fabletics aesthetic, which is grounded in the broad accessibility of its founder: Kate Hudson is known for being a down-to-earth woman with an active lifestyle. Customers can relate, and this translates to a projected $250 million in sales for 2017. Fabletics is even bringing back brick-and-mortar stores at a growth rate of 644% in 2016 across 22 locations. This defies many predictions about the so-called “death of retail” that other brands are experiencing.


Fabletics has also expanded into celebrity partnerships: most recently, pop singer and actress Demi Lovato has designed a capsule collection for the brand that focuses on reflecting inner confidence.


With such impressive numbers behind them and a loyal membership base that ranks 1.2 million strong, the future of Fabletics is a very stylish one indeed.

Fabletics, Foodies and Coupons Work Well Together

Fabletics is a company that offers athletic outfits to women of all shapes and sizes. They are an inclusive brand that not only caters to women based on their size but also on their ability to spend money. They are budget-friendly and they are made to help women feel better about working out and looking great while they are doing so. This has given Fabletics the boost that they need to make a name for themselves in the fitness industry. It has also allowed them the chance to make sure that they are getting exactly what they need from different situations. Because of the way that Fabletics works for women, it has been able to grow as a company and has even come up with options for different people.


The blogger who is behind A Foodie Stays Fit knows that Fabletics is a great opportunity for anyone who is getting what they need out of the options that they have. She wants to make sure that things are working well for her and that she is going to be able to get more out of the options that she has. Because of this, she tried Fabletics using her own money and decided that it was something that her followers would like. She left an honest review and made sure to let them know that the review was not sponsored in any way. This made her followers trust her and also showed that she really did like the brand that she was using. It was a great option for anyone.


The Krazy Coupon lady tries to always stay honest with her followers, too. For this reason, she did an honest review similar to what A Foodie Stays Fit did. She wanted to show people what she was capable of and also wanted them to know that they were going to be able to get more out of what was being offered to them. For this reason, she came up with many options and that allowed her the chance to be able to tell them what she liked about the brand. She was especially impressed with the way that the clothing was very high quality but that it was also affordable. She knew that this would make most people want to use the brand and be able to benefit from the brand with the options that most people had for their shopping experience.