Revolutionary Jeunesse Products Bring Youthful Appearances through Empowering Age-Defying Formulas

Jeunesse is changing people’s lives worldwide with one incredible product at a time. The company has become a household name across all cultures and all generation lines. Jeunesse’s innovative and world-renown brands are sometimes the catalyst for helping people change their lives and begin to feel young all over again.

Among Jeunesse’s top selling products are:

• Instantly Ageless

Instantly Ageless is essential for removing forehead wrinkles, under-eye bags, crow’s feet and hooded eyes. With just a few dabs of cream, users see incredible age-defying results within minutes. The revolutionary product works while it’s drying and does not require any other method of treatment for results to form. Once the thin layer of cream is applied to the facial area, there are outstanding results of a newer and wrinkle-free look.

• Luminesce

The dermatologist developed Luminesce produces a radiant and glowing look. The product redefines youth as an anti-aging cream. With the proprietary blend of APT-200 that includes a cell conditioned media extract, the product reduces wrinkles and decreases facial lines while providing a more youthful appearance. Luminesce is available in seven different categories including the most-popular advanced night repair. Luminesce Advanced Night Repair restores and moisturizes the skin overnight to provide a more restful look when awakening.

• M1ND

As a dietary supplement, M1ND adds superior value to reduce mental distractions. The exclusive Jeunesse product was designed with CERA-Q; a protein derived from silk fibroin for added cognitive health benefits. All active ingredients within M1ND have been clinically proven for results. The unique name provides a great amount of insight into the product since it comes in a small one-ounce container but adds an abundance of power to the mind for increasing daily mental performance.

Founded by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, Jeunesse was conceived in their hearts with a grand vision to empower individuals to live their very best and reach their highest potential. They wanted people to thrive. After emerging from retirement in 2009, Randy and Wendy began building their vision and now Jeunesse is a global enterprise for helping people excel far beyond any limiting possibilities.