Sawyer Howitt And His Present Goals And Future Potential

Sawyer Howitt is only seventeen and attends Lincoln High School in Oregon. He also enjoys working with his father David Howitt. He lends his talents as a project manager for the Meriwether Group.

David Howitt runs the Meriwether Group and they offer start ups for business managers and entrepreneurs. They offer the tools required for businesses to grow. The company is classified as an acceleration and advisory firm. This is where Sawyer Howitt has learned about brand development, acquisitions, distribution, mergers and licensing. Their approach is personal and designed to meet the needs of their clients.

Sawyer Howitt has already begun developing his career as an entrepreneur. His work with his father gives him the ability to provide an incredibly high standard of ethics in consulting and management. Their goal is to provide the help required for the entrepreneurs of the future.

Although they do not attend any services Sawyer Howitt grew up in a Jewish family. They do celebrate the most special of Jewish occasions. The services during the holidays are extremely important to the lifestyle they live. Every Friday the family lights candles for Shabbat. These candles recognize a day meant for rest inside of the Jewish community.

Sawyer Howitt has a sister three years younger than his seventeen years. She is already beginning to show the same promise her brother has found. The Meriwether Group is a family business and extremely important to every member of their family. Every day the company continues its growth.

Sawyer Howitt feels he has a long career ahead of him at the Meriwether Group and is looking forward to the future. Although his fathers shoes are going to be difficult to fill he realizes if he works hard he will reap the rewards. Howitt is becoming an entrepreneur who will most likely make positive differences in the future.

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