National Steel Car: Producing Rolling Stocks for Canadians

National Steel Car makes a return after facing challenges for more than a century. Ever since the company was purchased by Gregory James Aziz in 1994, the National Steel Car started to grow and expand. It was Gregory J Aziz who is considered as the lucky charm for the company to be able to get back on track, but for him, it is hard work and perseverance that could return a company to its previous state. He showed how the National Steel Car became one of Canada’s most profitable companies, and how they managed to beat all of the odds which they faced in the last century.




According to Gregory James Aziz, after he bought the National Steel Car from Dofasco in 1994, he soon found out that there are around 500 employees left who are uncertain of their future. Because of the change in management, they are already accepting their fate that they would have to leave the company. However, he did not see it that way. He asked the employees to stay and continue what they are doing. He knew that they have the skills and the expertise to build high quality rolling stocks, so he decided to keep them because they have already become an asset to the company.



Gregory James Aziz added that he had to employ an additional 2,500 people, making the total population of the National Steel Car to more than 3,000. The rise in the number of workers would also result in the rise of their production number. When Gregory James Aziz purchased the National Steel Car, they can only make 3,000 rolling stocks a year. When he took over as the leader of the company, they managed to create more than 12,500 rolling stocks a year. It was a good decision to retain the employees, according to Gregory James Aziz, and he keeps on thanking them for their hard work.



Because of the miracle that he brought upon the people working for the National Steel Car, he was provided with an award. Every time that he receives an award, he would be thanking the employees who are working hard to create more rolling stocks for the company. Today, the National Steel Car is known to be a leading supplier of train cars in the United States, and they are planning on expanding their business to include countries in Asia, Africa and Europe. Refer to This Article for more information.