Julia Jackson and Jackson Family Wines Paves the Way in Fine Winemaking

Julia Jackson grew up in California as one of three children of Barbara Banke and Jess Jackson. She grew up in the fields of the vineyards and learned to be heavily involved with the making of the wines her family made. Summer after summer, Julia Jackson would spend her days in the fields plucking the grapes from the vines and sorting through them to find the ones that were not fit for wine making. Learn more about Julia at Crunchbase.

Born in 1988 in San Francisco, Julia has been an avid Californian who excelled within the wine business. Growing up in the family business helped her to become the perfect spokesperson for the family business. Once she graduated college, Julia Jackson went off to Scripps College and when she earned her bachelor’s, she attended a management class aimed to help her to better understand how to manage the family business. She took some classes over the summer and when she was done, she went on to become more involved with the family business.

Julia moved for a portion of time to France to learn how the French process their wines. While there, she learned a number of techniques that is used to help make wine as well as some techniques that are used in order to bring in higher sales as well as distribution. While in France, she also made sure to keep close to the family owned wineries that her family had.

Julia frequented the town in France of Champagne which is where she actually learned the various advanced techniques that they use for winemaking. With her love of the family business and the love she holds for creating new wines, Julia came back with a whole new concept of rebranding the family wine brands.

Julia Jackson and her family are prestigious in the world of winemaking and own a number of wineries spread across 4 continents. The family business will be passed down generation by generation if it is up to Julia and her mother Barbara.

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