Eva Moskowitz on Charter School Success

In a bid to push back against critics of charter schools, Success Academy Education Institute’s founder Eva Moskowitz went deep into her motivation for education projects and the many nuances that come into play when competing with traditional education.


In a video released ahead of a conference on educational reforms and innovation, Eva Moskowitz states that the overall development of Success Academy and the application of its systems have put on display powerful alternatives to the existing education system and norms adopted throughout the country.


Eva Moskowitz adds in the video that tough they’ve faced staunch opposition from New York’s Mayor Bill de Blasio, Success Academy managed to do things differently enough that they’ve been able to do more with less in the past year than traditional public schools, and the resulting innovation has been regarded by the world over.


With a little over a year working with Success Academy, Eva Moskowitz’s direction of this charter school has advanced its ability to develop a network of schools throughout New York City, funded by $35 million she’s been able to gather through showing the developments of implemented innovations.


About Eva Moskowitz:


Eva Moskowitz is an American politician, educator, and businesswoman. Having been educated at the University of Pennsylvania and John Hopkins University, where she received a Ph.D. in American History, Moskowitz went on to become a member of New York City’s council and sat on its education committee.


Eva Moskowitz took her experience in the education system to found the Success Charter Network where she continues to serve as CEO. Moskowitz is responsible for the Harlem Success Academy in 2006, a charter school praised by several members of the city government and paved the way for plans to open 40 schools throughout New York City over the next 10 years.



Eva Moskowitz Builds Proper Education System with Success Academy

Eva Moskowitz is definitely making it clear that when she grew up there was no type of solid education system in place in her school. She really felt like she did not learn anything, and this would be the very reason that she started Success Academy. This would prove to be a very effective manner of giving children access to a better education. Even if they were zoned for a bad school. Eva wanted to help kids in New York break away from this type of vicious cycle of poor education and present quality staff members and classes through a structured learning environment.

Eva Moskowitz knew that there was something more to unlocking the keys to education. She has been a longtime fan of charter schools, and she has actually able to build a very successful program that benefits lots of African Americans with Success Academy.

What Eva has proven is that just about anyone that is given the opportunity to learn in a stable environment change their lives. She has been able to get people that may have never believed that they could do certain things to see their progress with the Success Academy.

Eva has become a person that is taking the world by storm. She has created more than 40 of the Success Academy Schools along with her for assistants. She has proven that this is an effective measure of creating a better education system, and she has received a lot of praise for what she is doing. A large part of the reason that people are impressed with what Eva Moskowitz is doing has much to do with her community involvement.

Eva shows that there are improvements in the education system that come from the charter schools. She is big on privatization of the public school system, and she definitely thinks that there is a great discrepancy in the education system today. More people are realizing that there is a lot of truth in what she is saying, and that is why she has been featured in magazines like the New York Times and other magazines.